What we do

Peak body

No To Violence incorporating the Men’s Referral Service (NTV/MRS) is the peak body for organisations and individuals working with men to end their violence and abuse towards family members in Victoria and New South Wales.

Our members come from a diverse range of professional and community backgrounds and work in a number of settings including the community sector, government and private practice.

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Workforce development

NTV/MRS provides resources and opportunities for service providers to enhance their capacity to successfully engage with men who use violence and to work with men to prevent further violence. We offer training and professional development for the male family violence workforce, including the Graduate Certificate in Social Science (Male Family Violence), which is currently under review. We also deliver training and professional development to a range of stakeholders within the integrated family violence service system and primary prevention networks across Australia.

Men’s Referral Service

The Men’s Referral Service is a men’s family violence telephone counselling, information and referral service operating in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania and is the central point of contact for men taking responsibility for their violent behaviour. We also provide support and referrals for men who identify as victims of family violence, women and men seeking information on behalf of their male partners, friends or family members, and workers in a range of agencies seeking assistance for their clients who are men.

The Men’s Referral Service is for:

  • Men who are using controlling behaviour towards a partner or family member
  • Men who have been victimised by a partner or family member
  • Women seeking information about male family violence
  • Friends, family or colleagues of people who may be using or experiencing family violence
  • Professionals wishing to support a client who is using or experiencing family violence

We work with men who have been adversely affected by family violence

We work with men who have been adversely affected by family violence as we are acutely aware of the harmful effects family violence causes. Family violence affects young boys and adolescent/adult men in harmful ways. One in nineteen men are victims of family violence. We are as committed to the safety of women and children as we are to working with that 1 man in 19 who identifies as a victim of family violence.1

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