Parliamentary inquiry into a better family law system to support and protect those affected by family violence

No To Violence Incorporating the Men’s Referral Service (NTV/MRS) welcomes the opportunity to provide this submission to the Inquiry, and to participating in ongoing contributions to reform of the family law system to better address the needs of people affected by family violence.

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Review of the Victorian Bail System

The bail system in Victoria came under scrutiny following the terrible events in Bourke Street on 20 January, 2017. NTV/MRS encouraged caution before making significant changes to the system and supported the changes to bail risk assessments originally recommended by the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

Review of the Victorian Bail System

Sharing about Child Safety and Wellbeing

NTV/MRS and DV Vic wrote a joint submission responding to the Victorian Government’s proposed legislative model for child safety and wellbeing information sharing.

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Joint response to the Royal Commission recommendations relating to primary prevention

NTV/MRS was one of thirteen signatories on a joint response to the Victorian Government on the Royal Commission into Family Violence’s recommendations relating to primary prevention. This response outlines some of the key considerations required to co-design a sustainable governance and operational structure for primary prevention and makes recommendations relating to the statewide Primary Prevention Strategy and the development of an Independent Statutory Family Violence Agency and Primary Prevention Initiative.

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Royal Commission into Family Violence

Australia’s first Royal Commission into Family Violence was launched in February 2015 and spent over twelve months commissioning research, conducting public hearings and holding community conversations. We made two submissions to the Royal Commission.

Strengthening Perpetrator Accountability within the Victorian Family Violence Service System

Family Violence and LGBTIQ Communities
Submitted in partnership with safe steps Family Violence Response Centre

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