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25 May 2017
Working with men who have experienced family violence
Working as a telephone counsellor, a portion of the work I do is responding to referrals for men who have experienced forms of family violence from a family member or partner. Quite often, I’m asked...

7 May 2017
Letter to the Editor
The front page cartoon from 'The Age' on Wednesday 3rd May of Premier Andrews is a cliché depiction of family violence that sends all the wrong messages. Letter from our CEO Jacqui Watt. View her full...

1 May 2017
National Working with Men to Tackle Family Violence Conference Report
The NTVMRS Conference Takeaways Report highlights the key themes raised at the National Working with Men to Tackle Family Violence Conference, 14-15 February 2017.

26 April 2017
Taking Responsibility: the barriers we put up that get in the way of the relationships we want
Working as a family violence telephone operator I speak with hundreds of men from many different relationship and life contexts. When I speak to men that have chosen to behave in a way that causes problems...

5 March 2017
5 lessons learned from speaking with men who use family violence
For the past few years I’ve worked as a family violence telephone operator, speaking with hundreds of men from all walks of life who have used many different forms of abusive, controlling behaviours...

2 March 2017
National Working With Men to Tackle Family Violence Conference Wrap
Over 250 delegates from the family violence sector met at the National Working with Men to Tackle Family Violence Conference to share practical solutions to ending men’s violence against women and...

10 February 2017
Specialist family violence support is essential
Through the Men’s Referral Service we speak to a lot of men in a wide variety of family and relationship contexts with a range of challenges and issues that arise. Quite often we speak to men who are...

25 November 2016
Join us to do more than just talk about men’s violence
After years of our sector working together to prevent violence, this year we’ve seen how the public understanding has started to accept just how prevalent violence against women and children is in our...

1 January 2016
If a man tells you he is using violence
Telling someone else about using violent or controlling behaviour is an important step towards change. If someone you know has confessed to using violence in his relationship, you might be feeling shocked,...